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Who is Alison McKever?

Alison is a holistic body worker who incorporates training and education in Osteopathy, BodyTalk and energy modalities into her practice, with nearly two decades of education and practical experience in health, wellness and holistic healing. She is a lifelong student of holistic living, with a deep passion for her work. Alison has a great love and respect for animals reflected in a growing four-legged clientèle, treating horses, dogs and cats by combining the modalities of Osteopathy, BodyTalk and energy work.

Why Osteopathy & A Holistic Approach?

» The goal of Osteopathic treatment and a holistic approach is to assess and treat the WHOLE person, to get to the root or underlying cause of illness and pain in the body and treat the problem at the source, instead of simply masking the symptoms.

» Osteopathy recognizes that symptoms may not originate in the area in which the patient feels discomfort or pain. There may be several factors contributing to the symptoms that the patient is experiencing. Practitioners are skilled at finding and addressing the root of the problem.

»  Holistic Healing emphasizes that the need to look at the whole person includes all aspects of physical, mental and spiritual health. A state of ‘health’ implies that all natural processes that support life are functioning at an optimal level in their intended alignment; therefore, the ultimate goal of holistic healing is wholeness. Holistic Healing incorporates many different modalities working in harmony to achieve overall balance and wellbeing.

»  Alison integrates BodyTalk and energy modalities into her osteopathic practice in a complementary way to achieve a holistic approach and seek overall wellness of the whole person.
Who Can Benefit from Holistic Healing?

» newborns, infants, toddlers
» children of all ages
» adolescents
» althletes
» pregnant women
» accident victims
» people with chronic illness that have not responded to traditional therapies
» adults with repetitive strain injuries
» seniors
» individuals with physical or mental challenges
» patients with terminal illnesses whose quality of life can be improved
» people of all ages with persistent aches and pains
» animals (learn more...)
What to Expect from a Treatment

Alison integrates Osteopathy, BodyTalk and energy modalities into each treatment, using a combination of these modalities suited to each individual’s needs, respecting that the body is a unified system most effectively approached as such, rather than as isolated parts. Combining Osteopathy, BodyTalk and energy modalities allows Alison to investigate further into the possible source of the physical symptomatology, recognizing that these symptoms may be reflecting just the surface of the true source of the issue(s). Each session’s goal is to reach individualized optimal states of health. All sessions include respecting the individual's innate wisdom.

Treatment techniques may include:

» Addressing cranial-sacral mechanism and the central chain
» Osteoarticular corrections - gentle realignment of the bones
» Visceral mobilization - gentle mobilization of the organs of the body
» Cranial osteopathy - gentle movement of the bones of the skull
» Normalization of myofascial tension - restoring normalcy in the muscles and surrounding tissues
» BodyTalk (for more information on BodyTalk click here)
» Energy Modalities

Alison Kennedy
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Alison McKever
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